About Us

About Harker Eco

We Work Hard
To Source
Eco-friendly Alternatives To Things You Use Every Day.

Harker Eco was set up to encourage people to make small changes in their lives in order to be more eco-friendly. We will support and encourage your zero-waste journey, in the knowledge that no-one is perfect, but that every little change we make has a positive impact on our world.

We source our stock from amazing makers and small businesses, as well as reputable eco-wholesalers. Everything we sell will help you to make eco-friendly swaps for the things you use every day:

– We offer many reusable items to reduce the need for single-use products;
– We offer products made from natural ingredients, recycled and/or sustainable materials;
– We work closely with our stockists to consider the impact of production, transport and the whole supply-chain for the products we carry.
– All of our packaging is either re-used, recycled or recyclable.